Photography is a kind of art that requires a strong understanding between the artist and the customer, and full naturalness to ensure the authenticity of the shots. I have always been sure about that, and so the testimonials sent by my customers are a precious gift. I want to share some of them with you, so that for once it will be my customers’ voices to speak for me, rather than my works.

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The photographs are really wonderful and we got very emotional just looking at them! Thanks for accepting all of our (maybe too simple) requests with professionalism and reliability, but also with a sprinkle of irony and congeniality. It has been a pleasure having you with us!

Veronica and Gabriele

We didn't know Giuseppe, he was suggested to us by a close friend, who's relied on him for a lifetime of important occasions. We were a bit worried about having a "Newborn" photoshoot, so much that we took our time before making an arrangement. We figured it wouldn't be easy having to deal with such a small baby, immortalizing the beauty and simplicity of his being, all the while giving him no nuisance or bother. Giuseppe and his staff have been incredible to say the least: they managed to calm our baby, but also to produce a warm and familiar environment, providing him with the most ideal conditions to express the best of his sweetness and beauty in some wonderful photo shots. We're so happy to have made this choice, we couldn't have chosen any better to get some unforgettable memories of our son. A heartful thank you to a real professional!

Serena and Daniele

The Newborn photoshoot with Giuseppe Costanzo has been a wonderful experience. A real professional, as well as a gentle and easygoing man. We should also say a word about the wife, which helps him during the photoshoot: A WONDERFUL PERSON. Three words to describe Giuseppe Costanzo: PROFESSIONALITY KINDNESS AND A LOT OF DEDICATION. TOP!!

Naomi and Dario

Fantastic! Friendly, professional, each shoot is taken with heart. His photos and videos show the originality of his character. Thanks for everything, You made our wedding perfect.

Marzia and Giuseppe

We entrusted you with her eyes to show everyone her infinite sweetness. A heartfelt thanks to you, looking after our dream of love so today as you did 17 years ago.

Oriana and Giancarlo

I will choose you a thousand times more! A perfect mix of professionalism, congeniality and dedication to your own work distinguish you from the rest: a true artist! With every shot you can catch the true essence of an unforgettable memory, so to make us live again the emotion of that day. You're assisted by such a special woman, Francesca, who was able to create the perfect connection with our little Diego through her sweetness and kindness.

Laura and Fabrizio

Simply “Thank you”! For your thoughtful availability, your brilliant ideas, for the love and professionalism you put into making the maternity and newborn photoshoots of our Federico Maria. It was exciting both to live the moment, and especially to later see it again! A wonderful job! We’re very happy to have chosen You!

Loredana and Santo

Rarely talent meets professionalism, but when they do - together with passion - that's when one is left pleasantly surprised. Thank you Giuseppe for making my maternity and my son Diego's birth even more magical. A special thanks goes to your wife for the love and kindness she treats the babies with. You make a great family and we'll keep choosing you for our most important moments. Diego thanks you.

Caterina, Diego and Massimo

We chose to have our photos taken by Giuseppe Costanzo for our princess' arrival: our little Aurora, our greatest joy. We were very calm to entrust her to expert hands, which gave us a strong feeling of trust right away. They cuddled her, caressed her, and treated her with utmost care. The final result was getting home with some fantastic shots, real masterpieces to best immortalize Aurora's pure beauty. Professionalism and Cordiality rule over this photo studio. We strongly recommend him to whoever wishes to have some dreamy photos of their most magic moments: that's how we felt!

Davide and Vania

Do you have a couple spare hours? Because that's how long you'll stay in Giuseppe's photo studio: he's such a nice person, so delightful, so eloquent, that you'd NEVER want to get out of there. He's a fantastic photographer who perfectly uses the newest technologies but does not forget about traditional techniques. He's absolutely THE photographer for any family event.


With spontaneity and elegance you made the most important day of our life even more beautiful and exciting!

Marina and Alessandro

Wonderful photos... Good job... even though we had no doubt about it...

Angela and Massimiliano

I won't hide my emotions from you, my cry, the luck of having a friend like you... You're the best! Thank you from my heart.


Thanks for making
me feel
body and soul.


He's excellent not only for his professionalism, but most importantly for his congeniality and his ability to seize the most intense moments and the ones filled with emotions, in the most natural way.

Valentina and Piero

It was fantastic, to revive that wonderful day... Fantastic photos... The video: a real movie... A real masterpiece! Thanks Giuseppe, we had no doubt about your competence.

Giada and Giuseppe

We just finished watching your work for the twentieth time and we like it more and more: it moved us, touched us and made us smile. A moment unforgettable to us; who looked at it also appreciated it for its simplicity and for the refined beauty of the images.

Graziana and Angelo

The work of a great professional: Giuseppe Costanzo,
who made it so that Dance combined
with the magic eye of the photographer, making
an action - a dance step - an eternal moment.
Thanks Giuseppe!

Michelangela and Sergio

The work was absolutely wonderful, he succeeded at capturing and immortalizing not only the emotions of that amazing day, but also the hidden shades, so to make them unique.
Great competence, originality, and also we honestly had fun taking the photos!

Mariagrazia and Lillo

The originality, the competence, the elegance and the naturalness of his photos contributed to making our day a really special one.
Giuseppe Costanzo created unique atmospheres in our photos, succeeding in being efficient and never intrusive at the same time. A friend and, especially, a great expert!

Gabriella and Antonio

With your work, with your skill you can make people laugh, make memories vivid, you can make a tear flow down and create emotions; not anyone can. Combinations of images, music and memories, looks and gestures, lights and sounds dances in the minds “e non si scordano più“ (and can't be forgotten anymore)! Thanks to you, Alessandra and your coworkers for the competence, the cure and the kindness you showed us.

Francesca and Iano

We chose Giuseppe as our photographer because we were impressed by his photos and we are happy with our choice, because of the quality of his work, his professionalism, his competence in meeting our needs and spreading the emotions that we proved in that wonderful day, and that we'll never forget!

Francesca and Roberto

You're the best... all our parents agreed on our choice! I have to say that everyone liked both your photos - an elegant but simple work - and the video - the final "backstage" idea was fantastic!. A special thanks goes to the choice of the songs. Viviana wants to thank you for making her comfortable during the work... she doesn't think of herself as a "photogenic person". Xoxo

Viviana and Fabio

A heartfelt "thank you" for having contributed to making that day a special and unforgettable one... Every photo, every image, every song can make us live again that emotions!
Our friends and colleagues that were not present that day told us that the photographer was an artist, as they too were able to feel the magic of that day!

Claudia and Remo

Great competence, high level, extraordinary people that made us comfortable. The most beautiful day of my life wouldn't have been the same if it wasn't for the best photographer, Giuseppe Costanzo, who made a masterpiece out of that day! I highly suggest everyone to make him a visit and to choose him for the most important days of one's life.

Gabriella and Salvo

Taking photos means to catch in people and in things what first has been caught with one's mind.
That is, Giuseppe, with his sensibility and his experience, is able to understand who he's talking to and to describe him through his lens, making the most significant details stand out with simplicity and elegance. We chose him to narrate our wedding e we were struck so much by his work that he's going to capture also our baby's baptism.

Gemma and Giuseppe

Living again that wonderful day thanks to your photos gave us back the emotion of that moments; seeing again the smiles, the tears, the flowers, the heels, the relatives, the friends and the toasts let us appreciate little details not seen at first during that really long day, but not long enough... Thanks Peppe for making all this possible.
Having you with us was pleasant, fun and reassuring.

Stefania and Claudio

We chose to give Giuseppe the responsibility of narrating with images our love through his lens. His work let us rivive, still vivid and clear, deep emotions, intimate, hard to explain with words. He wisely succeeded at capturing smiles, tears, the wind and the sun, spirituality and happiness, "pace, amore e gioia infinita" (peace, love and infinite joy), giving us the possibility of tasting again at least a bit of those magical moments. Thanks from our heart!

Tita and Stefano

In the most important day,
you moved forward,
and said,
"I will only be a spectator,
what truly matters is your love;
to set up the scene, that is my job,
you others are horses and knights".
And so the big day came,
and forever was then remembered;
with your mastery and elegance
bride, groom and guests moved like in a dance;
and right after seven months, while in your nook,
with our bright eyes,
Andrea and Alessia, we said: "Thanks Peppuccio!"

Alessia and Andrea

I will start with the word I told you as we were saying goodbye: "Wonderful".
It's really difficult, to describe what we feel everytime we look at your work, but I'll try anyway.
The shots and the uninvasive work they went through were magnificent, the clean photos, all-beautiful. No pretense, no tricks.
Great filming and editing work. Same for the soundtrack. In the end, the video is pleasing to any viewer. It's not boring and long-winded, though always touching and enjoyable, especially in the credits...
All this work is worth the price paid.
Thanks for your competence, kindness, and congeniality.

Agata and Carmelo

Being photography-lovers, me and my wife were looking for a real professional, an expert, with a good taste and who knew how to immortalize the most beautiful moments of our wedding in the best way possible.
Among the various NPS certified photgraphers, we were attracted by Giuseppe Costanzo's works. We were really satisfied of his job. He succeeded in obtaining what we were looking for, speaking in terms of quality, poses and video montage.
His working method is brilliant, based on the spontaneity of the poses and on the skill of catching and creating the best occasions for an artistic shot.
The quality of the prints is really good.
Indeed a professional I would suggest to anyone!

Giuliana and Fausto

The choice of the photographer has been a tough one for us, our wedding being a "long-distance" one... When it seemed as we've had lost any hope, we went to his studio and we fell in love with his style and competence! And we had no doubts anymore, he was the right person to whom entrust the indelible memory of the most beautiful and important day of our life! With naturalness, spontaneity and elegance - which were the essentials to us - Giuseppe succeeded at catching any shade of our emotions and making us comfortable with his congeniality, and he showed us the great passion he has for his job!

Chiara and Marco

We were lucky to be helped with the wedding photo-shooting by Giuseppe, not only a photographer but also a friend. We can say that for certain because, whenever we show the photos and the movie to someone, we succeed at transmitting them the majority of the feelings we felt and shared with our close friends on that day. Indeed, we think that a photographer's job is exactly that: to keep the emotions that distinguish the most beautiful day of a couple's life always alive through his own work. Everytime we watch the movie, it's like living again the same emotions, as if that day was every day. That's why we want to thank you, Peppe.

Alessia and Giuseppe

Even now, after about three years, I look again at my wedding's photos with so much satisfaction. I'll start by saying I'm really choosy when it comes to wedding photos - so much I tried to convince my husband to have none -, but after a long sorting work we went to Giuseppe Costanzo as I remembered I saw him working already years before during a dance exhibition. No need to say, I've made the best decision, the one that leaves you satisfied on the spot and makes real what you wouldn't even think you were looking for. It becomes immediately evident that Giuseppe's competence is mixed with other factors such as a keen eye for the aesthetic sense and a refined artistic skill, that have an influence on his job taking him out of the same old standards, so to produce really professional works. To all of that adds a good dose of kindness, his and of his coworkers. Still, thank you.

Alessandra and Augusto

We met him almost by chance. We were confused, perplexed.
We entrusted to him our most beautiful day, hoping that his eyes, through his lens, would've made it seizing the moment.
And so it was.
Giuseppe indeed succeeded at narrating our wedding, wisely and in minute detail, with the mastery of a true narrator. He let the images talk without making them artificial, but aiming at a precious realism instead, that revived in us even those details that seemed lost forever.
Music and images are one thing only thanks to the work worthy of a professional, a meticulous one, able to capture thoughts and emotions always at the right moment with elegant mastery.
Time will slowly try to blur the memories, but Giuseppe's work will always be ready to magically bring us back to revive - as many times as we want - the really big emotion of the most beautiful day of our life.

Loretta and Dino

The work of the photographer could be crucial for the most important day of a couple's life, with its pros and cons. He could be intrusive, rambling, distant or absent... but Giuseppe is nothing like that! We decided to choose the photographer by "gut feeling", because of our instinct and of the personal and direct first approach. Instantly comfortable with each other, and both knowing the respect for one's work and the importance of the other's special day, all the photo shoots have been a lot of fun, all seized with extreme naturalness and slowly became a moment to remember with pleasure.
The result was excellent, with splendid photos and it has been really hard to choose which photos to put in the album and which not...
The video was simple and pleasant to the eye, complete but not so long to be tiring.
We almost feel the need to have another wedding just to repeat this experience... ok, maybe that was too much!

Valeria and Antonio

We married last 27th June, and we were lucky to meet Giuseppe Costanzo. Rarely talent and professionalism meet, but when it happens - together with passion - it is pleasantly amazing.
Giuseppe's (I allow myself to call him by his name as we easily build a bond based on confidence) sensitivity and taste give back photos which are always refined and never ordinary. Trusting him with your photoshoot also means knowing for sure the final result. The naturalness, the skill and the congeniality of his works hide his talent and experience. Still now, after one year, looking again at the photos and the film I can feel the same sensations I had on that day, and that's thanks to him and his team only, who I'll never stop thanking.

Amalia and Marco

We met Giuseppe thanks to some friends who had already chosen him for a Newborn photoshoot.
We found an environment both familiar and professional at the same time.
With calm and patience he suceeded in putting our child at ease and have a fantastic photoshoot.
In his WONDERFUL pictures all of his passion and great experience shine through!
We will rely on him again to capture the most beautiful moments of our family life.

Annalisa and Mario

If you're looking for photos that will focus on your most important moment with spontaneity and naturalness, but without leaving any details out, full of emotion and vitality, neither trivial nor standardized... but actually photos that you can call "yours", that may be able to convey not only your image to the watcher, but also your way of being.
His whimsical and dynamic character shine through his photos, which he alway takes full of emotions.
He shows a peculiar attention in listening to your needs and understanding together with you how to best shape your photoshoot.
His photos are the best expression of the dedication and attention to details that Giuseppe puts into his work.

Cristina and Antonio

Warm and friendly, they know their way into the hearts of all newlyweds, parents, and relatives.
They take an exciting but stressful day, and make it simple and pleasant!
We'd choose them over any other anytime, especially for the wonderful work they did!

Giorgia and Pietro

Chosen at first sight
For his cordiality, kindness and professionalism.
He made our wedding unique, by taking care of every small detail and immortalizing unforgettable moments.
Each and every photo tells our love story.

Thanks, Giuseppe

Giovanna and Andrea

Finding a person like Giuseppe, professional, likeable, willing and skillful, we were very lucky!
We thank him a lot for the splendid work he did, the pictures are wonderful!
We recommend him to all future couples of newlyweds!

Thanks for everything.

Lorena and Fabrizio

Giuseppe Costanzo is a wonderful photographer, professional, a splendid person and always available.
For the wedding - divine! -, for the baptisms, the birthdays, nothing would be the same without him.
He's able to feel the perfect instant, he catches the exact moment that will make pure magic out of the photo, a piece of art!
We recommend him to all future newlyweds, all future parents, so that the memories of your loved one will be pure art!

Giuseppe Costanzo, a name, a guarantee!

Luana and Orazio

Giuseppe is an exceptional professional.
Prepared, on time, extroverted and careful of the newlywed's needs.
Gifted with an uncommon sensibility, he was never intrusive during the whole day.

Lucia and Nunzio

Giuseppe Costanzo has always been our family photographer, he has been so for years at this point.
We chose him e and we keep choosing him for any event.
He's always ready to try to meet the client's needs, even the most difficult ones.
Professionalism and reliability make him an exceptional photographer.

Very recommended, as he's always a guarantee!

Natascia and Riccardo