Wedding is more than just a ceremony: it's a symbol of mutual trust, demonstration of love, it's the very first important decision that every couple has to face. This is why it's necessary for the moment to be immortalized with the utmost care, so that its memory may be preserved. The charm of weddings is what pushed me into choosing this job: while I walk along with the future spouses, from the church entrance all the way to the altar, I can intensely relive the same emotions every day! My way to return the favour to the couple is by offering them a high-quality service, that may preserve the naturalness of any glance and any moment, but without missing even the smallest details, so that - looking at the photos and the movies - they may be transported once more to that magical day. And when I see my customers' happy and satisfied looks when I hand them the finished work, that's how I'm sure I returned the favour the right way.

Newborn & Maternity

If that of the wedding is a choice both important and difficult, then that of giving birth to a child is what really completes life as a couple. The real demonstration of a love, so strong as to being parent to a new life, and so to pass on its legacy, its message. So this is a moment that deserves to be immortalized with professionalism as well. On request from my customers, I follow the full itinerary of the newborn's life: from the "maternity photos", waiting for the right moment of the pregnancy so to impress on paper the perfect shape of the mother's womb; to the "newborn photos", a new art that comes from the new continent and that I mix with traditional techniques and means, so that the magic surrounding the baby at his first week of life may last forever. The circle closes when the fruit of the couple's love, once an adult, goes on to form a new family, and I'm more than proud for being a spectator of this miracle.

Who is Giuseppe Costanzo?

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” (A. Adams).

Indeed, being a photographer means to find - in things and people - what has already been caught with the mind. A great photo is the representation of an idea, it’s to catch the deep bond between truth and beauty; it’s finding beauty in the short istants of our life and immortalize those moments. A photograph is the result of a perfect combination of technique, heart and mind: those are the ingredients of a multifaceted artist like Giuseppe Costanzo.

Mixing innovation and tradition, Giuseppe Costanzo boasts a twenty-year experience in his field of work. His workshop – located in Catania in the hystorically famous “via Etnea” – was first created in 1991. Innovation and tradition; art and beauty; life, intensity and sentiment: a photograph is a story, the story of a moment that Giuseppe Costanzo sees, catches and then seizes, always keeping the naturalness of his subjects intact.

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The photographer's job doesn't end with the photo shoots, but it's rather an incessant research, and it requires something more than simply passion and experience. So I will tell you all that happens backstage in a series of articles on this website, and together we will try to discover what's the hidden element that every photographer needs to have.


I always bring with me at least one camera, because you never know when you'll find yourself in front of a perfect shot. In the Projects section you can find all the photographs that do not come from my everyday job, rather than a careful, personal research of characters, landscapes, details, and whatever may not be immediately recognizable by naked eye.


Bring a piece of Sicily back home and re-create the magic of atmosphere of southern Italy. Different formats, materials, supports, to satisfy each aesthetic need and decorate your rooms as you wish. There are also various accessories and clothing, to bring your favorite photographs always with you.

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